2023 Jeep Weekend in Crystal Beach, Texas on Bolivar Peninsula!

One Major Event in May you won’t want to miss…The Jeep Weekend on Bolivar Peninsula in Crystal Beach Texas!!!

A GIANT Jeep Lovers Weekend. Thousands of Jeep Lovers head to Bolivar Peninsula and Crystal Beach Texas to meet-up with fellow jeepers for a relaxed weekend on the beachfront. Jeep lovers start rolling in Wednesday afternoon and Thursday to enjoy a few extra days on Bolivar Peninsula. Once Friday arrives so do the numbers of Jeep Lovers sporting their version of the ultimate jeep. Vacation Rentals are booked well in advance for this Bolivar Peninsula event and RV Parks also. It's always a quick breakfast and most the day is spent beachfront.  


Miles of Fun!

Restaurants on Bolivar go all out for this national event and make sure the Fresh Seafood is ready and the Live Music is booked for nightly performances Friday and Saturday Night. Make your plans gather up your jeep club or group, and head to Bolivar Peninsula Texas and Crystal Beach Texas for a Fun-Filled Weekend with Jeep Lovers from all over. With 27 miles of Beachfront we have plenty of room on our Bolivar Beach to enjoy your weekend on the Upper Texas Coast.

Check out the Live Music calendar for dates and times...

Live Streaming

The Bolivar Event Cam will be streaming LIVE from a location on Bolivar to showcase visitors and their Jeeps. If you can't make it down take a peek and see what you're missing out on thru our LIVE Streaming Webcams like the Bolivar Event Cam or one of our two Beachfront LIVE Streaming Webcams: the Sunrise Beach Cam or the Bluewater Beach Cam.

Once again for Jeep Weekend 2023, we’ll be doing Bolivar LIVE from around Bolivar Peninsula and Crystal Beach, Texas for a LIVE streaming look around our 27 miles stretch of paradise at some awesome jeeps. All will be streamed on our Facebook page

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