Keep Bolivar Beautiful

Bolivar Peninsula is passionate about keeping its beaches, bay and everything in between beautiful. Keep Bolivar Beautiful is a collection of both residents and non-residents who work together to maintain and promote its beauty.

Keeping Bolivar Peninsula Beautiful

When visitors describe Bolivar Peninsula they emphasize “Clean Beaches” and longtime home owners have passed praises such as “The beaches are the cleanest I’ve ever seen, and I’ve had a home here for 10 years”. Thank you, “Keep Bolivar Beautiful.”

But “Keep Bolivar Beautiful” is much more. It’s creating awareness for the stewards of our future. Children help pass out Bolivar Blue trash bags on the beach. A Girl Scout troop from Houston regularly visits Bolivar beaches to help pitch in to keep their beach clean. Keep Bolivar Beautiful is a passion that is shared and proudly reflected in the results of a beautiful and pristine Bolivar Peninsula.

A Gold Star Affiliate

Congratulations to Keep Bolivar Beautiful, which was named today a "Gold Star Affiliate" by Keep Texas Beautiful! This is the highest ranking designation available to affiliates. 

Keep Bolivar Beautiful has been an affiliate of KTB for less than a year. This makes KBB eligible for KTB pass through grants, Don't Mess with Texas collateral for litter prevention, bonus incentive items for Great American Cleanup/Don't Mess with Texas Trash-Off and can apply for scholarship to the KTB conference. It is also an important requirement for Keep America Beautiful certification.
"We have so much more to do," said KBB President Carlis Danna Cole. "We are excited and are looking forward to keeping Bolivar beautiful with both litter prevention and beautification projects."

Keep Texas Beautiful Gold Star Affiliate

How Can You Volunteer….

We are always looking for help with either beautification projects or cleanups! Please message us by email or on our Facebook to help with our next event.

We welcome help from individuals, groups, neighborhoods and organizations. The best gift you can give to someone is your time, because you’re giving them something you can never get back.

Membership in Keep Bolivar Beautiful is open to any individual, family, governmental unit, club, civic organization, school, church, business, or other group that supports Keep Bolivar Beautiful purpose and goals. Annual dues are $10.

Help Out!

Help Out!

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Keep Bolivar Beautiful is to educate and engage the Bolivar Peninsula community to take responsibility for improving their environment through community and school education, beach and peninsula-wide clean-up events, beautification projects and programs to encourage our citizens and visitors to keep our peninsula beautiful.

For more information, to volunteer or join Keep Bolivar Beautiful please visit our website and for events visit the Event Calendar on Bolivar Peninsula Texas.

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