Local Artists

Local Artist showings on Bolivar Peninsula dot the edges of Hwy 87 as you travel thru Crystal Beach Texas in local shops, stores and a gallery. Their work is always changing so make sure you stop by often and say "Hi" they'll always greet you with a smile.

Kevin Kavanagh - Tiki Man

An icon in Crystal Beach Texas and known all across Bolivar Peninsula for his one of a kind Tiki creations and artwork. Located on Hwy 87 and Crystal Beach Dr. you can’t miss his larger than life art studio. Just about any time you pass Kevin is at work and you can hear his chain saw singing as he creates another one-of-a-kind piece of work from totem poles to custom signs or large cedar tables.

Kevin’s eye for the beauty in each piece of wood is one of a kind and he brings it to life. Drive down just about any street on Bolivar and you’ll see something The Tiki Man has created. To contact Kevin about any of his awesome work call, (409) 750-0086.

Local Artist Kevin Kavanagh


Patty Hagstrom

Marine Artist Patricia Hagstrom graphically translates our aquatic environment into a rich blend of paper and paint! Her original Silk Screens reflect the grace and wonders of the oceans she explores, while her fanciful interpretations of water birds and tropical florals make her work easily recognizable.

Patricia has been living here in Crystal Beach since the 90ʼs. Born in Bradford, Pa., nestled in the Allegheny mountains, she has an intuitive love of nature. She received her BS degree in Erie, Pa., and a BFA from Dominican College in Houston, Tx. She then pursued her advanced Art studies with a scholarship from Gonzaga Univ. in Florence, Italy and a Masters Degree from the Univ. of Houston.

Her unique work may be viewed at her web site: www.hagstromcollection.com.

Local Artist Patty Hagstrom


Ellen Simon

After 35 years of being told "you really should be selling your work, professionally", local artist, Ellen Simon retired from publishing and advertising to follow that dream. She paints outdoor projects along side of her fiancé, Tiki Man (Kevin Kavanagh) at Tiki Loco, (Hwy 87 at Crystal Beach Rd.) where you can find some of her designs.

Ellen also works with water colors, pastels, acrylics, mixed media, even jewelry. If you're interested in home decor but, don't know where to start, she's a thought starter there as well.

Ellen's talent isn't defined by the brush or pen alone. The next time you visit Steve's Landing, take a look at the giant palms. She had a hand in the decor there as well. While there, visit Ellen's micro-gallery on permanent display.

Local Artist Ellen Simon


Sheryl Lambert

Retired teacher and glass artist, Sheryl Lambert, has been trained in the art of glass fusing by nationally recognized instructors who not only taught her the science of glass fusing, but inspired her to create unique functional and decorative glass art.

Sheryl loves anything coastal and her studio teems with the sounds of clicking kilns and grinding glass as she creates sea themed art pieces. She has been invited to participate in regional juried art shows, and teaches glass fusing classes at Harmony Stained Glass in Pasadena, Texas. This award winning artist also displays in galleries and gift shops along the Texas gulf coast.

Sheryl and her husband, photographer David Lambert, split their time between their home in Missouri City and their "Heaven on earth" in Crystal Beach, Texas.


Joe Winston

I started roaming around with my camera and my dad at an early age photography has been a true constant in my life. I love making photographs. "Making" is important to ponder, so many people "take pictures" with out realizing what they are making of their reality. Once the shutter is released the moment is gone forever and you may or may not have done it justice. For me it's been a life journey to study and to practice creating images of my surroundings, and Bolivar has played an important roll in my growth as an artist.

I enjoy sharing photography with people that are interested in the practice as I am. Whether that's to be invited to photograph your family on a special event or to offer technical education of your own camera equipment. I am and artist and a teacher who surrounds themselves in photography, with an extra interest in examining 19th and 20th century photographic processes. I teach darkroom classes to all ages in Beaumont and have several projects that can be taken on a "roadshow" for schools and groups.

For more information visit, Joe Winston Photographer

Local Artist Joe Winston

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