The Beach

Enjoy 27 miles of beach shoreline on Bolivar Peninsula. A perfect place for your outings, events, barbecues or picnics. 

Bolivar Peninsula Beaches

Clean Wide-open Beach

Bolivar Peninsula encompasses 27 miles of Beach Shoreline on the Upper Texas Gulf Coast. The beach in Crystal Beach Texas and on Bolivar Peninsula is one of a kind, and the last of its kind. Vehicles are allowed to drive on, park and enjoy all 27 miles of coastal waters. Families and friends enjoy the day building sand castles, searching for shells and shark teeth, surf fishing, boogie boarding and more… Setting up a BBQ or just vas-king in the sun. Easy access to the beach by most cross roads off Hwy 87 makes finding that perfect location to set-up for the day a worry free event. Make sure you purchase your yearly beach parking permit from any of the many local shops or stores on Bolivar or in Crystal Beach Texas, cost is around $15 for the year. All we ask is that what you bring onto the beach you take out, helping us keep our beaches safe and clean for visitors in the future.

Crystal Beach, Texas


New Years Eve and July 4th on the beach front is like no other. For those that have a front row seat enjoy the fireworks on your deck, for those further back find a location on the beach, kick-back and watch the show. Most all 27 miles of beachfront is a giant Fireworks Display and one that you won’t want to miss. Enjoy Fireworks, stop by one of the many area Firework stands, load up the car or truck and enjoy Fireworks on the beach. We ask all to please pick-up your fireworks when your done, help us all keep our beaches clean and safe for future visitors.

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