Galveston North Jetties

The North Jetty, on the southern end of the Bolivar Peninsula, is one of two built into the Gulf of Mexico to provide protection of the channel to the Port of Galveston, Port of Texas City and The Port of Houston. Work on the jetties began as a construction experiment in 1874, and the major portion was completed only after Congress appropriated funds for the work in 1890. Final completion of the system in 1898 made Galveston a deep-sea port for world commerce.

To access the North Jetties take Hwy 87 to 17th street which is a little over 1.5 miles from the Bolivar Ferry Landing. Once you arrive you’ll find an easy walk for part of the way and then get ready to make some big steps to each granite stone which makes up the surface the remainder of the jetties to the boat-cut and beyond. There is a bait camp at the base of the North Jetties where you’ll find live and fresh dead bait and an assortment of tackle and always a recent fishing report  

The North Jetties are a BIG draw to anglers and people of all ages for fishing and crabbing. Some just to take a walk, while others to photograph the birds, ships and beauty the North Jetties offer to visitors yearly.

North Jetties

North Jetties

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