Sleep-in and let the sun light-up the sky, ready for a stroll on Bolivar Peninsula, how about the beach? The perfect activity for kids and adults, Treasure Hunting on the beach of Bolivar Peninsula. There’s a group of locals that make it a mission, a daily stroll of the tide-line to see what washed-up with the incoming tide from afar….most are mainly after Shark Teeth and Sea Beans. Collections in cases and jars can be found in many of the beach houses in Crystal Beach Texas, there’s no secret but there is a skill to finding treasures. Spend the morning on the beach, soaking up the sun, watching the kids run and play, see what treasures you can find on a Bolivar Peninsula Beach!

Bolivar Beach

You may see them walking slowly, heads always down, they stand their ground and won’t look-up, their doing the Shark Tooth Shuffle. Look for areas along the tide-line, don’t walk to fast, take your time and carry a bag, treasures from afar could be only a few steps away!

Many locals and most visitors make it a daily chore or a fun way to enjoy vacation or retirement in Crystal Beach Texas the finds can be rewarding. It may be one or two, then three or four, before you realize it you’ve walked a mile and have something to show, your Bolivar Beach treasures. Free souvenirs to show-off to friends and back at school, make a necklace or start a frame filled with your finds. It’s all about enjoying your time at the beach and showing off the treasures you found.

Bolivar Beach

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