Annual End of Summer Beach Party Trail-ride 2018.

Annual End of Summer Beach Party Trail-ride  2018.
Bring Your Horse To The Beach For The Weekend.


8/10/2018 - 8/12/2018
Rettilon Rd and Beachfront
Port BolivarTX77650



Let's get all together with our horses on the beautiful beach of Crystal Beach. All ages Welcome (0-99) We'll camp there Friday till everybody decides to leave. You can park your rig on the beach. On Saturday we will do the Big beach ride and drive. Any breed is welcome! Wagons Welcome DONT FORGET TO BRING WATER BEACH RULES All vehicles parked on the beach must display a Bolivar Beach Parking Sticker ($10, available at local businesses) Glass containers are prohibited Speed Limit is 15 mph, No reckless driving No littering (Trash barrels are located all along the beach) No motorized vehicles on sand dunes or offroad on private property Pets must be on leash Before you leave: please clean up your manure (throw it back in your trailer). No bonfires allowed, contained campfires and cooking grills allowed Open container laws apply to all vehicles (including ATVs, ROVs, Golf Carts) Crystal Beach charges $10 per vehicle to park on the beach. The sticker is good for one year. REMEMBER there is no one in charge just a bunch of friends partying on the beach. Camp on the beach with your horses There are no facilities on the beach so bring your own portable toilet, water, feed, food, portable horse pen (if your not tieing your horse to your trailer), etc. You can take hay on the ferry but it must be hidden or completely tarped or stored inside your trailer There are no fees at all! Even the ferry is for free!!! Town and stores are just minutes away Before you leave: please clean up all your trash This will be sooooo much fun!!! You will need a valid negative Coggings for your horse[s]. Texas requires proof of a negative Coggins test before a horse can be exhibited at a fair, shown, raced, or even trail ridden in the company of other horses. For stables, hay and information contact Lisa at Crystal Corral Stables, (832) 768-3428

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