La Playita Mexican Restaurant
La Playita Mexican Restaurant
703 Madison
Port Bolivar, TX   77650

LaPlayita Mexican Restaurant in Port Bolivar Texas is more than a Mexican Restaurant, it’s a fresh made breakfast, quality lunch and fabulous Seafood and Mexican Food Restaurant, family owned.

Located off the beaten path in Port Bolivar Texas, it’s a stones throw to the Bolivar Lighthouse and Fort Travis. Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner you’ll always find a home style platter set for you to enjoy. Breakfast starts at 7am and runs thru 11am. From Biscuits and Gravy to Mexican Style Eggs with Beans and Home Style Tortillas served with meals. Bring your appetite cause they serve up a heaping breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When it comes to Lunch, Monday thru Friday you can always find a Lunch Special that’s great and priced right, as a family owned restaurant you’ll find pricing is great on any and all platters and made with fresh ingredients.

Shrimp and Crabs are bought locally in fact just a few blocks away as it comes off the boat so you know they are fresh. You can taste the difference in any and all platters when it’s made with Fresh Caught Shrimp or Crabs.

When it comes to Crawfish and Oyster Season check stop in for a taste of the best. Think fresh boiled Crawfish and save your Saturday Nights for All You Can Eat Fresh Schucked Oysters and you must dig into their Misquite Grilled Oysters, a taste like no other.

Stop in anytime for a fabulous meal no matter the time of day, Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner it’s all great!!!

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