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6366 Phelan Blvd
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Kickstand Bike Shop was started by Tom Simon in the fall of 1997 in Beaumont, Texas. A lot has happened since then. Tom is well known for his mechanical skills as well as being the only Trek Dealer from Houston to Louisiana with the look and feel of a Concept Store. These days you can get friendly and knowledgeable service from our staff!

The right gear makes all the difference!

Professional Service:
Our Fast 2-Day Service Turnaround is simple. Just bring your bike in for service and we’ll start the clock! Give us your cell number so we can send you a text message when your bike is ready. We make service appointments too. Just call ahead and you can schedule your service in advance. Not in a hurry…that’s ok. It’s up to you.

When you’re launching an attack, chasing the break or railing turns in sketchy cyclocross conditions, every advantage counts. Pros settle for nothing less than perfection, and this is the machine that meets their demands.

Mountain Bikes:
Hammer up climbs, accelerate on smooth single-track, carry your speed as the trail dips and dives.

Fat Bikes:
Why follow tracks when you can make your own? Experience the “foot out, flat out” fun of fat bike riding in any season.

Road Bikes:
Explore an unknown corner of your map. Climb that summit you see in the distance. With disc brakes and smooth-riding, high-volume tubeless tires, this new road machine encourages you to elevate your road riding adventures.

Children’s Bikes:
Children and bikes go hand in hand, at Kickstand Bike Shop, me bring the joy of biking to kids on all kids of bikes from Trikes to BMX Bikes

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