Crystal Beach Decor and More

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Crystal Beach Decor and More
1959 State Highway 87
Crystal Beach, TX   77650
Crystal Beach Decor and More

Crystal Beach Decor and More, located in the serene beachfront haven of Crystal Beach, Texas, on Bolivar Peninsula, is your ultimate destination for everything related to coastal living and home decor. Our store is a treasure trove of beach-inspired delights, featuring an extensive range of home decor items that embody the essence of coastal life. From seashell-adorned picture frames and scented candles that infuse your space with ocean fragrances to coastal-themed artwork by area artists, we have it all.

In addition to our captivating home decor, we offer an array of beach treasures, including seashell collections and ocean items that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of beachfront living and life. You can also find a wide selection of swim suits, clothing, t-shirts and beach accessories that keep you stylishly equipped for a day at the beach. Whether you're in search of flip-flops to stroll along the sandy shores of our 27 miles of beachfront or shirts that reflect the coastal lifestyle, and your time on Bolivar Peninsula, we have the perfect items to enhance your beach experience.

Crystal Beach Decor and More is your one-stop shop for coastal living and life, making it easy for you to embrace the relaxed, beachside atmosphere of Crystal Beach. Whether you're a resident of this picturesque community or a visitor seeking a piece of its charm, our store invites you to bring the coastal vibes into your life. Visit us today and discover the perfect coastal decor, beach treasures, and more, all under one roof.

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