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Crystal Beacn, TX   77650

COVID-19 Coronavirus Sanitizing

We are a local Southeast Texas owned and operated business. We provide peace of mind and an extra layer of protection to your business, customers, employees, home, family and neighbors during these uncertain times.

Highly Effective

Coastal Sanitizing uses highly effective and state of the art electrostatic sprayers that provide excellent coverage. The medium used is CDC approved, EPA registered and approved, and NSF registered “no-rinse on food-contact surfaces” as a sanitizer. Safe for use around humans and animals.

Hospital Grade

We use a hospital-grade “no-rinse spray” spray that is effective on a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses including but not limited to, MRSA, H1N1, Listeria, SARS, and COVID-19. Coastal Sanitizing believes in peace of mind for our customers and is Bonded and Insured.

Home or Business

We can sanitize and disinfect your home for your family and visitors. We can sanitize your business, giving peace of mind to you, your employees, and your customers. Once completed we have a dated sign to show you care for those visiting your business.

Employees and Customers

Have an employee test positive? Call Coastal Sanitizing. We want you to open with confidence and give your customers and employees peace of mind. We can schedule your appointment and sanitize immediately so your down time is minimal.

Service Areas

League City
Texas City

Bolivar Peninsula and the surrounding areas.

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