Bug Defense "The Mosquito Misting Company"

Bug Defence
5829 W Sam Houston Pkwy
Suite 610
Houston, TX   77041

Bug Defence has been specializing in mosquito control and misting systems for 14 years. We manufacture our own systems in Houston Texas for quality and reliability.

Control your surroundings thru our Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems. Custom-built for your yard to control mosquitoes day in and day out. With preset times when mosquitoes are most active and with 3 times a day coverage you can build a wall and stop them from coming in from other areas. A permanent solution in eliminating mosquitoes.

Our systems are run out of sight with 1/4 inch tubing with nozzles every 10 feet. All systems include a remote control for optional sprays when needed. Units are preset when mosquitoes are most active and spray for 35 seconds each time.

Our units spray Permethrin which will control mosquitoes, flies, wasps and spiders but is diluted so that it will not affect persons or animals.

We also offer fogging for special events as in weddings, outdoor parties and more.

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