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I started roaming around with my camera and my dad at an early age photography has been a true constant in my life. I love making photographs. "Making" is important to ponder, so many people "take pictures" with out realizing what they are making of their reality. Once the shutter is released the moment is gone forever and you may or may not have done it justice. For me it's been a life journey to study and to practice creating images of my surroundings, and Bolivar has played an important roll in my growth as an artist.

While working on a Master Degree in Fine Art at The University of Houston, I made Bolivar my focal point. I spent those three years photographing everything, meeting people and poking down oil field roads clearly marked off limits. I found the ever-changing landscapes mesmerizing. I was reminded of the reality I knew already. Our little sandbar sticking out from East Galveston Bay was a temporal place. The older generations had weathered storms, cataloguing by year and then by names. Those names became milestones in our own timeline that we pass to each generation. After the impact of Ike, I switched gears with my image making. I wanted to tell the story of us; the people that made the peninsula a home, a destination, a paradise to share with the world again.

I enjoy sharing photography with people that are interested in the practice as I am. Whether that's to be invited to photograph your family on a special event or to offer technical education of your own camera equipment. I am and artist and a teacher who surrounds themselves in photography, with an extra interest in examining 19th and 20th century photographic processes. I teach darkroom classes to all ages in Beaumont and have several projects that can be taken on a "roadshow" for schools and groups.

Joe Winston
Joe Winston
Beaumont, TX   77706
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