Bolivar LIVE

The Bolivar LIVE Truck was started to promote Bolivar Peninsula, Crystal Beach Texas and area business in March 2017 by Coastal Outdoors Group and run by Bolivar Peninsula Tourism and Visitors Center. With daily Bolivar Live Feeds on Facebook of areas around Bolivar and the beachfront on Bolivar. Also handling free giveaways from area businesses to those asking “What’s Free Today”. Property owners and visitors can also get information and keep up with what’s going on around Bolivar Peninsula and what’s happening on the beach daily.

Big Growth for 2019

Big Growth for 2019 with more coverage. Starting in March 2019 Coastal Outdoors Group and Bolivar Peninsula Tourism and Visitors Center is upping the Live Feeds, Give-aways, News Casts and more. With 2019 comes The Bolivar LIVE Truck with a new wrap and the Bolivar LIVE Trailer wrapped and ready for more fun in the sun on the beach, for shows around Texas to promote Bolivar and for live coverage at events on Bolivar Peninsula. Keeping those that can’t join us then or those that want to see it once they get home from it the event or weekend.

The Bolivar Live Truck

Used in daily Bolivar LIVE Feeds on our Facebook page and then saved to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube where you can see what’s happening around Bolivar and Crystal Beach. The Bolivar LIVE Truck also is the go to when you see it during Holiday Weekends, Vacation Time and Event Weekends, when you see it, flag it down and ask the driver “What’s Free Today” we always have a basket of goodies to give away, Koozies, Shirts, Cups, Stickers and more. It’s also the go to when we have a Secrete Phrase Giveaway (link to secrete phrase page) another contest run thru out the year for Special Giveaways by knowing the Secrete Phrase Of The Day but only one winner a day so listen to the first feed of the day when Secrete Phrase Giveaways are going on from our Facebook page

Bolivar LIVE Trailer

Bolivar LIVE Trailer- A BIG addition to the fleet and more ways to have fun. The Bolivar LIVE Trailer will be taken to shows to promote Bolivar Peninsula and the businesses that call it home. The trailer will also be used at area events with an event cam, and on the beach many weekends as a central location for Fun In The Sun with music, giveaways and you never know when we’ll have a pit lit for some goodies to eat. Equipped with everything we need to broadcast our Bolivar LIVE Feeds and Music when needed.

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