Listen For The Secrete Phrase And Win!

Through out the year during summer time, Holiday Weekends and Major Event Weekends Bolivar LIVE and the Bolivar Peninsula Tourism and Visitors Center teams up with area business to give Cash and Prizes away to one lucky winner a day. Announcements are made in advance of up coming Secret Phrase Giveaways so you can be ready to WIN, WIN, WIN and listen in to the first Bolivar LIVE feed of the day on our Facebook Page.

When we have a Secrete Phrase Giveaway, during the first Bolivar LIVE Feed on our Facebook page, we give out a Secrete Phrase during the Bolivar LIVE feeds with what you can win. We’ll also tell you where you have to find the Bolivar LIVE Truck, on the beach, or on the road or a parking lot. When you find the truck and driver, you give them the Secrete Phrase for the day and Win, Win, Win that days giveaway. it could be cash, a gift certificate for an area business, RTIC Cooler, Surf Board, Boogie Board, RTIC 30oz Tumbler, a Shirt, Hat or any combination of the mentioned.

There’s only one winner a day on any and all Secret Phrase Giveaways so you have to listen and get out and find the Bolivar LIVE Truck and driver. Most all live feeds are between 7am and 10am so check out our Facebook page often or better yet, follow our Bolivar LIVE feeds on our Facebook page and stay connected plus you’ll be notified anytime we launch a Bolivar LIVE Feed.

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