The Hunt For Bolivar Wins You Cash and Prizes On Bolivar Peninsula

Get Out And Hunt, Win Cash In The 2021 Hunt For Bolivar

Hunt for Bolivar
Hunt for Bolivar
Hunt for Bolivar

The Hunt For Bolivar is a form of Treasure hunt put on by Bolivar Peninsula Tourism and Visitors Center, Coastal Outdoors Group with area business sponsors on Bolivar Peninsula several times during the year. Where players search for “Bolivar” our Pink Flamingo.

The First Hunt

Started in the summer of 2018, The Hunt For Bolivar sent people all over and around Bolivar to see the beauty of Bolivar Peninsula and learning the history of our 27 miles of paradise. It was made to get visitors, vacationers, and property owners out to travel around Bolivar and learn some of the histories Bolivar holds that they may not of known. It’s was a BIG success with people traveling as far as Lufkin and Dallas for the final weekly hunt on Bolivar Peninsula wherein 2018 was worth $550. Boundaries for all hunts are The Intracoastal at the High Island Bridge, Bolivar Ferry Landing, Surf Water Line along the beachfront, and Bank of the Intracoastal, and is always on Public Grounds, never on private lands. For the Summer Hunt of 2021 (June 1, 2021, through August 8th) we’re upping the amount you can win, you'll have a chance at $100 and one lucky winner will take home $1000 Cash.

How The Hunt Is Run and What You Can Win Now!

Once the hunt starts, daily clues are given each morning on the first Bolivar LIVE Feed on the Tourism Centers Social Media Page and or Website Facebook Clues take many forms, it could be pertaining to the history of Bolivar Peninsula, a math equation, or a saying that gives you a clue to the location. The BIG Hunt For Bolivar starts the Tuesday after Memorial Day and runs for 10 weeks, 6 days being a separate hunt, Tuesday thru Sunday. With the growth of the hunt, family and individual fun games may be added during the year or during a Holiday or Vacation Period.

2021 Summer Hunt Starts June 1st and Runs Thru August 8th

Starting Summer 2021 with the first clue on June 1st we have added winnings and changed the hunt so you can win more. Each week the typical winner can go home with no less than $100 and some lucky winner this year will win, $1000 with one draw of the envelope. Below we’ll explain this year's Hunt For Bolivar!

What will Bolivar look like when found

Bolivar is a Pink Flamingo, for 2021 he will be painted on a rock. He may be above ground or below the surface but he always is easy to find if you think outside the box. Each week has its own special Flamingo Bolivar and in 2021, when you find Bolivar you'll get to keep the. stone with the custom painting of Bolivar our Pink Flamingo.

Summer Hunt For Bolivar Our Pink Flamingo June 1st thru August 8th 2021

  1. First clue each week starts with Tuesday Mornings First Live Feed starting June 1st on our Facebook page or Website and runs thru the following Sunday or until Bolivar is found that week.
  2. When Bolivar is found he must be verified by calling the number on the back of the rock.
  3. Once verified, the winner will go to Bolivar Tourism, 2275 Hwy 87 Suite 10 for the Drawing of an envelope for the winning amount. Envelopes hold $100, but one holds $1000.
  4. Drawing will be LIVE on Bolivar LIVE so the public can see which envelope is drawn and watch it being opened on Live feed.
  5. Winners of $100 will receive cash money the same day, the winner of $1000 will receive payment in 24 hours.
  6. All winners must fill out a W-9 form before receiving prize money.
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