Weekly fishing report ending January 25, 2024.
Posted By David/ Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Weekly fishing report ending January 25, 2024.

The surface water temperature is 47 degrees, and water clarity is stained for the most part, as a number of our areas have been blown out by the continual winds. The pattern remains unchanged, as success remains back in the marsh/bayou areas where one can get some protection from the wind and waves.

The Redfish bite has still been consistent in areas where good current flow has bait up against the shorelines/grass lines in 1 to 3 feet of water around oyster shells on Wac Attack Tails in Rollover Moon, fished with 1/8 oz heads, as well as fished under a Fish Smack popping cork, with an 18” leader.

The trout once again this week have preferred a super slow presentation, targeting deeper pockets close to channel bends with shell, triggering the most bites. The lighter the jig head determined by the wind and current, the better, for a slow fall, as the bites have been light for the most part.

Looking forward to the warming trend this week to get the water temps on the rise. We have not seen any dead fish floating since the recent hard freeze, which is a positive for East Bay.

Until Next Time – Captain Jeff Brandon – Get the Net Guide Services, LLC – Year-Round Fishing Guide, 1183 N Stingaree Dr, Crystal Beach, Texas 77650

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