Coastal Flood Warnings, TxDot Scrambles To Save Hwy 87
Posted By David/ Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Coastal Flood Warnings, TxDot Scrambles To Save Hwy 87

With Coastal Flood Warnings till 6pm this evening, TxDot is at it again filling with more milled product to try and save Hwy 87 from washing out to sea making it impassable. The question is, how much will they spend on temporary fixes, when will a permanent fix be in place, and what happens June 1st when Hurricane Season Starts and we have to rely on Hwy 87 as an evacuation route, "O" wait they took our evacuation route away so as a Coastal Community where is our Evacuation Route. They say time will tell but in our case Time Could Leave Us Stranded in Paradise. BTYB: The Big Store #txdot​ #mayesmiddleton​ #bolivarpeninsula​ #bolivarlive​ #teambolivarpeninsula

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