Take A FREE Trip Across The Bay and Houston Ship Channel
Posted By David/ Sunday, April 22, 2018

Take A FREE Trip Across The Bay and Houston Ship Channel

Enjoy a ride on the Bolivar Ferry...FREE. Yes you can walk on or drive on from both ports, Galveston Texas or the Bolivar Peninsula. Just remember if you drive on you'll have to unload and turn around down the road to ride back if you're staying on Bolivar. With that said walking on is a great way to enjoy it all. Each of the ferries have an A/C seating area and elevated observation deck where the view is unbelievable and you can see it all. Don't board without a camera or video camera the sites are breath taking and the sights are one of a kind. You'll see tankers underway, shrimp boats coming and going and dolphins leading in and out the takers as they arrive to and depart the Galveston, Texas City and Houston Ports. It's about an hour round trip so if you have more time, take another trip and see more. As you leave Bolivar for Galveston you'll see the Bolivar Lighthouse and Fort Travis, you'll then cross the Houston Ship Channel, as you cross you'll see Seawolf Park on your right and the Us Coast Guard Station on your left. As you turn into the dock on Galveston you'll see the Galveston Yacht Basin in front and some parked drilling rigs off the the right. Enjoy the a/c as cars and truck load and be ready for a completely new view as you return to Bolivar Peninsula. Ready to get that perfect bird photo, there's always Pelicans and Seagulls perched on the bumpers a at docking area. Feed to seagulls off the back of the boat makes for some great close up shots also. Round up the family and friends and make a FREE ride on the Bolivar Ferry while you enjoy your stay on Bolivar Peninsula.

Enjoy a round trip FREE ferry ride and see it all.

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