Shoot The Moon Full Moon Photography Party On The Bolivar Beachfront.
Posted By David/ Sunday, January 28, 2018

Shoot The Moon Full Moon Photography Party On The Bolivar Beachfront.

Update On Location To Meet- We will be meeting at the end of Magnolia Lane and the beachfront, the Bolivar LIVE Truck will be on location at 4:30pm so we have plenty of time to set up and answer questions. It's all taking place at dark.....the second Full Moon of January 2018 and this one's special. Not only is it the second full moon of 2018 which makes it a Blue Moon, but it's also an Eclipse of the moon making it a Red Moon. With a blessing of clear skies this is an opportunity for you to get that perfect Full Moon Photo as the moon appears over the Bolivar Landscape and what better place to view and photograph it than the Bolivar Beach Front. We'll also have seasoned veteran photographers there to help you get the perfect shot for bragging rights. Make sure you have a sturdy tripod, maybe even a small sand bag to hold your tripod in place as shots will take time. Stay tuned and we'll be posting here where to meet and what time. For more information feel free to call the Bolivar Peninsula Tourism and Visitors Center from 9am-4pm anytime at (409) 684-6231. Brought to you by: Bolivar Peninsula Tourism and Visitors Center at 2275 Hwy 87, Crystal Beach, Texas.

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