Bolivar LIVE Kicks-Off For 2017 From Around Crystal Beach Texas on Bolivar Peninsula
Posted By David/ Monday, January 30, 2017

Bolivar LIVE Kicks-Off For 2017 From Around Crystal Beach Texas on Bolivar Peninsula is launching a sister website this week, and building it daily with videos and LIVE Feeds from our 27 mile stretch of paradise and all around Crystal Beach, Texas!!!!

The LIVE Feeds will start on our Facebook page daily from somewhere on Bolivar, once it's done we'll be adding it to the website and be building a library of Videos of events and Attractions and also a page just for the LIVE Feeds so you can see them and keep up with Bolivar and the beauty on Bolivar Peninsula.

With this library of videos of area attractions and events you'll be able to plan your vacation or weekend get-away well in advance so you don't miss out. The LIVE Feeds page will be posted daily as we finish them up LIVE on our facebook page so you can always come back and see them again or show them and share them with others.

Stay tuned the final touches are being done now, the start of content is being loaded and we hope to launch in the next 48 hours. Like our Facebook Page and be notified anytime we do a LIVE Feed!!! Sign-up for Gabby's Weekly Bolivar Peninsula Blast on our Facebook page tab connectwithus and stay connected even when you're away, Gabby sends it by email every Thursday Morning at 6am!!!

If your on Bolivar you can't help but fall in love with our Painted Sky Sunrise over the upper Texas coast. Grab your coffee and take a stroll as the horizon comes to life with a different painted sky every morning.


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