Spring Break 2016, Crystal Beach Texas, the Beach, Fresh Seafood and Live Music.
Posted By David/ Friday, February 26, 2016

Spring Break 2016, Crystal Beach Texas, the Beach, Fresh Seafood and Live Music.

March is right around the corner and with March comes Spring Break!!! Kids and adults look forward to Spring Break every year it's like a post holidays get-away or a pre summer vacation for many. But for most it's just what you've been waiting for, a time to get-out, take a break, unwind and let your hair down. Forget what you left behind, Work, College, High School or getting up early for what ever your job or task is daily. Well for Spring Break we have just the cure.... Crystal Beach Texas and 27 miles of Beachfront waiting for you!!!!

Once you arrive on Bolivar you'll notice there's no need to get in a hurry and we have everything you need and whatever you forgot. Shops and Stores like "The Big Store" or "Latitude 29 Surf Shop" for clothing, flip-flops, hats and souvenir t-shirts so you'll remember where you've been. We have area attractions to visit incase, just incase you have to do something. Take a stroll around Fort Travis the view is awesome overlooking Galveston Bay it also has covered picnic tables and a playground, Anahuac Wildlife Refuge, how about a round of Golf, a guided bay fishing trip, Rollover Pass or a day trip to Galveston is nice. But once again may I remind you we have 27 miles of wide open clean beach to enjoy!!!!

Don't worry about food, we have that covered, remember you're on vacation it's time to let someone else do the cooking. If you get up early enough for Breakfast try "The Big Store" I love the Sausage Biscuit or Pancakes, on weekends "Ocean Grille" also serves up Breakfast. For Lunch and Dinner, here's a few suggestions and all are awesome and have their own specialty, "Tiki Beach Bar and Grill", "Ocean Grille", "The Big Store" and for dinning on the water "Stingaree Restaurant", take your pick, maybe a different location for each meal they all have great food, Fresh Seafood Platters, Burgers, Seafood PO' Boys, Seafood Salads, Steak, Seafood Tacos, Pizza and more. One things for sure, you'll never have to worry about starving in Crystal Beach, we have food.

Ok, you've relaxed all day so your ready to stretch your legs, get out and roam around, see Bolivar at night. Don't worry and you don't have to drive far. How about some LIVE Music, yes the kind you pay for at home, well get ready, we have great LIVE Music on Bolivar and most of ours is FREE, yes FREE!!!! March kicks off LIVE Music in Crystal Beach, from an acoustic show to full blown bands and some nights you may even find some karaoke for some sing along fun. All types of music will be found from southeast Texas favorites playing Texas Red Dirt Music to Nashville Stars playing their latest single. Texas LIVE Music at the beach, it just doesn't get any better than that. For an up-to-date calendar of LIVE Music on Bolivar check out our LIVE Music Calendar for dates, performer info and venue locations in Crystal Beach, don't worry if you're not from here each event has a map to venue location.

Well I think you get the message, for Spring Break 2016 Crystal Beach Texas on Bolivar Peninsula is the place you should be to relax, vacation and rest so you can make it till your summer vacation. If you don't want to wait till then feel free to visit our 27 miles of paradise anytime. Just for the record, if you need a place to stay, have an RV, we have several RV parks to choose from like "Crystal Palms RV Park" or "Bolivar Peninsula RV Park" both have full hook-ups. If a house is more your style, just pick beachfront or a few rows back, figure out how many are coming with you and then call "Swedes Real Estate" they've been around for 60 yrs and know just what you're looking for and where is the best rental for you.  

Well glad we got your Spring Break 2016 plan ideas going, it'll be here before you know it, the weather has been awesome for the most part and is looking great for Spring Break, Knock On Wood. Keep up to date on events, live music or for information on Bolivar Peninsula and Crystal Bech Texas take a stroll thru our website, for daily information, photos and news, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google Plus, all can be reached from our website. Want to see whats happening anytime check out our 5 LIVE Streaming Webcams. Also for a last thought, Shop Local and support our Bolivar Businesses!!!

Until Next Time, Relax, Vacation and Live...



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