Crystal Beach Texas on Bolivar Peninsula an Entertainment Venue with a Beach!!!
Posted By David/ Sunday, February 21, 2016

Crystal Beach Texas on Bolivar Peninsula an Entertainment Venue with a Beach!!!

LIVE Music, Fresh Seafood, 27 Miles of clean wide open Beachfront while on a Weekend Get-Away or Vacation and No Passport Required. Imagine getting off work in Houston, Beaumont, The Woodlands, Conroe, Cypress or Katy Texas. Hop-in the car, drive a couple hours while you unwind from a weeklong work load, within 1-2 hours depending on your starting point you've arrived on a 27 mile stretch of paradise Bolivar Peninsula.... some of us drive 2 hours to work... one way!!! Now it's your choice, stay a weekend or make it a weeklong get-away, Bolivar is here to help you relax!!!

You can’t beat the sunrise over the upper Texas Coast, waves lapping at the shoreline and LIVE Music. Bolivar Peninsula and Crystal Beach Texas has become a travel destination for many, fresh Seafood Restaurants, a coastal beachfront landscape stretching 27 miles, but for many….. It’s the LIVE Music. Bolivar Peninsula is host to a wide array of Venues, Events and Festivals in Crystal Beach Texas and all host an impressive lineup of first class musicians and bands. From a laid-back acoustic show to a full blown band rocking the house!!! From Texas Red Dirt Music to Nashville Headliners and Southeast Texas Favorites, with all the LIVE Music on Bolivar Peninsula and in Crystal Beach Texas, why go anywhere else.

For more information on our LIVE Music visit our "LIVE Music Calendar".

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