Crystal Beach Texas, Eatery Opportunities to Cure Your Craving on Bolivar Peninsula
Posted By David/ In General / Monday, December 7, 2015

Crystal Beach Texas, Eatery Opportunities to Cure Your Craving on Bolivar Peninsula

For those that make a point to visit Crystal Beach and Bolivar Peninsula during the week don’t worry about making a meal plan and toting food. From Fresh Seafood Specials to Steak Night and 1/2 Price Pizza. It’s all available for you to enjoy at Discounted Prices!!!!
For lunch take your pick, all restaurants have a discounted lunch menu and most have a daily lunch special where you can eat from $6.75-$10.00 and get your fill. Lunch is set around a good Home Cooked Meal, Chicken Fried Chicken, Beef Tips and Gravy, Hamburger Steak, Shrimp Po’Boy, Hamburgers and even Cheese Enchiladas. Plan ahead, call and ask for the daily lunch specials for the week so you know where to be a when.

As for dinner it’s a whole other ball game and during the winter things slow but you can still save during the week, as the seasons change through-out the year so do the money saving meal specials and hours of operation. Each restaurant has an evening that they or most of them call their own, days of the week where only they have a special and some have carried it on for years. Here is a list of a typical week on Bolivar Peninsula and in Crystal Beach Texas for dinner specials during the winter months.

Monday Night, Ocean Grille has 1/2 price Large Pizza and most the time throw in a second option also for those that aren’t craving pizza.
Tuesday Night, is a free for all, nothing in stone and several restaurants are closed but you won’t go hungry.
Wednesday Night, Stingaree Restaurant, and in most cases has a special dinner that will surly cure a seafood craving, sometimes it’s a discounted platter and others it’s All You Can Eat, Oyster Jubilee is on special during the month of December for only $19.95. What ever they present it’s gonna be great and you can’t beat the view over East Galveston Bay.
Thursday Night, Steak Night at Tiki Beach Bar and Grill, has been for over 10 years, a Grilled Ribeye, Bake Potato with a  Salad Bar but don’t wait to late, it all starts at 5pm.

Weekends it’s your choice and you can’t go wrong at any of the above locations as most will have a Weekend Special that they bring-in for that weekend. It all starts Friday at 5pm and for most run thru Sunday!!!
A great way to keep-up with Specials, All You Can Eat and Events is Facebook, most of the Crystal Beach area restaurants make daily and sometimes several posts daily for any Specials and showing off some of their plates, platters and baskets they have for the day, evening or weekend so keep up-to-date with social media and always know what can be found where.
As always you can follow us on our Facebook Page for daily information, photos from around Bolivar Peninsula and news on up coming events!

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